What is RMNet?

RMNET is a question-and-answer network for members of the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management. Questions sent to RMNET cover a range of methodological issues regarding design, measurement, and analysis in organizational research. Questions sent to RMNET are automatically distributed to all RMD members on the RMNET list, who then volunteer potential answers and send them to the RMNET address. These answers are distributed to all RMNET members, including the person who asked the question. Members not directly involved in asking or answering the question can monitor the communication for their own edification and, if they choose, to interject their viewpoint. RMNET also extends beyond Q&A interchanges to include debates over methodological issues, collaborative development of new measures or procedures, abstracts of working papers or papers in press that describe or illustrate new or unusual methods, tips for teaching research methods, etc.

How would I benefit from RMNet?

  • Your pressing methodological questions can be answered almost immediately, depending on the availability of RMD members who are willing and able to answer your question.
  • You can test out new methodological ideas by asking for feedback from RMD members.
  • You can stay abreast of the latest methodological developments by learning about methodological working papers or articles in press, before they appear in journals or are picked up by standard databases.
  • You can electronically “meet” other RMD members with common skills and interests, building your network and acquiring new opportunities for collaboration.
  • RMNET creates a new incentive for members of other Academy divisions to join the RMD, because membership in RMD is a prerequisite for access to RMNET. This is likely to increase RMD membership, thereby building the pool of potential respondents to your methodological questions and increasing your contacts within the Academy.

How do I join RMNet?

If you are a member of the RMD and would like to join RMNET, please send a message to the RMNET Coordinator, Jeff Edwards, along with verification of your RMD membership. If you are not an RMD member, please join the Academy of Management, and select Research Methods as one of your divisions and interest groups (DIGs). If you are already an AOM member, you can add RM to your member profile

Who do I contact if I have problems?

The RMNet Coordinator, Jeff Edwards.