RMD Past Award Recipients

Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award

Sage Publications/RMD/Lawrence R. James Early Career Achievement Award

Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award

Organizational Research Methods Best Paper Award

Sage Publications/RMD Best Paper Award

  • 2023: Testing Interaction Effects: Overcoming the Limitations of the Product Term
    • Torsten Biemann & Jeremy Dawson
  • 2022: Would I Lie to You? Using Markov Chains to Detect Careless Responding to Survey Data
    • Torsten Biemann, Irmela Koch-Bayram, & Madleen Meier-Barthold
  • 2021: Building Theories From Qualitative Interview Research: How Many Interviews Do I Need?
    • Kasper Elmholdt, Michael J. Gill, & Jeppe A. Nielsen
  • 2020: Experimental Design for Mediation Tests
    • Dan K. Hsu
  • 2019: How much of a problem is omitted variable bias really? Examining strategy research with the ITCV
    • John R. Busenbark, Daniel L. Gamache, Hyunjune (Elle) Yoon, S. Travis Certo, & Michael C. Withers
  • 2018: Distinct Methods, Biased Nonetheless: Insufficient Effort Responding as a Potential Confound
    • Jason L. Huang
  • 2017: Insufficient Effort Responding as a Meaningful Construct and Partial Function of Latent Aggression
    • Justin A. DeSimone, H. Kristl Davison, Jeremy L. Schoen, & Mark N. Bing
  • 2016: Dichotomizing Network Data Can Change the Meaning of Actor Centrality
    • Noah Eisenkraft
  • 2015: On the Use of Spline Regression in the Study of Congruence in Organizational Research
    • Jeff Edwards & Mark Perry
  • 2014: Ooops, I’ve Got an Outlier in My Data – What Now? Using the Deviant Case Method for Theory Building
    • Michael Gibbert, Lakshmi Naie, & Matthias Weiss
  • 2013: The Chrysalis Effect: How Ugly Data Metamorphosize into Beautiful Articles
    • Ernest O'Boyle, George banks, & Erik Gonzalez-Mulé
  • 2012: When Often Becomes Always, and Sometimes Becomes Never: Miscomprehension in Surveys
    • Ben Hardy & Lucy R. Ford
  • 2011: On the Problems of Ratio Measures as Dependent Variable OLS Regression
    • Robert M. Wiseman & Seungho Choi
  • 2010: The Unfolding Model of Turnover, Research Design, and Analysis Choices: A Monte Carlo Study
    • Craig J. Russell

SAGE/RMD Best Student Paper Award

  • 2023: Using Counterfactuals for Theory Building in Management and Organization Studies
    • Gizem Kadioglu, Bareerah Hafeez Hoorani, & Michael Gibbert
  • 2022: Heterogeneity in Effect Sizes: An Assessment of the Current State of the Literature
    • Sven Kepes, Wenhao Wang, & Jose Cortina
  • 2021: The Application of the Difference-in-Differences Model in Strategic Management Research
    • Chi Hon (John) Li & Trevis S. Certo
  • 2020: Comparing Two Approaches to Testing Within-Level Interactions Using Panel Data
    • Manuel J. Vaulont & Zhen Zhang
  • 2019: 'Meh!': Examining Midpoint Endorsement Habitude (MEH) in Survey Research
    • Tianjun Sun, Bo Zhang, Wei Ming Phan, Fritz Drasgow, & Brent W. Roberts
  • 2018: Advancing Qualitative Meta-Analyses: A Realist and a Constructivist Approach
    • Stefanie Habersang & Markus Reihlen
  • 2017: When ANOVA Gets It Wrong: A Re-introduction of the Regression Discontinuity Design
    • Nicolas Basratdoz
  • 2016: A Critical Note on the Prevalent Use of the Standard Deviation as Diversity Measure
    • Kim De Meulenaere
  • 2015: Incorporating Effect Size Variation into Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modelling
    • Jia Yu, Patrick Downes, Kameron Carter, & Ernest O'Boyle
  • 2014: Formative Measurement when Indicators Contain Error: Analysis of Ten Alternative Approaches
    • Mikko Rönkkö & Miguel Aguirre-Urreta
  • 2013: Quantile Regression and its Application in Inequality Studies
    • Mingxiang Li
  • 2012: Tales Left Tails Tell: A Natural Experiment Involving the Truncation of Nonignorable Missing Data
    • Richard Hunt & D. Lerner
  • 2011: Using Propensity Score to Estimate Average Treatment Effect: A Review and a Practical Guidance
    • Mingxiang Li
  • 2010: Assessing the Relative Model-Data Fit
    • Louis Tay, Usama S. Ali, Fritz Drasgow, & Bruce A. Williams

RMD Best PDW Award Winner

  • 2023: Endogeneity: Myths, Legends, and Facts – Second Annual
    • Organized by Elle Yoon & Daniel Gamache
    • Presented by John Busenbark, Lindsey Greco, Scott Johnson, & Michael Withers