Division Information

The Research Methods Division is committed to advancing and disseminating techniques for the collection, evaluation, and interpretation of information pertinent to Management scholarship. The Division emphasizes the identification, systematic development, and application of appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods (both new and current) within the Management field. At the same time, the Division encourages discussions and debates on measurement-related issues, usefulness/application of analytic approaches, and issues in philosophy of science.

  • Major Qualitative Topics include: discourse analysis, ethnography, evaluative research, grounded theory approach, historical analysis, textual analysis.
  • Major Quantitative Topics include: cross-cultural and comparative methods, experimental and nonexperimental research design, survey research.
  • Major Statistical and Analytic Topics include: causal mapping, construct validation, measurement development and evaluation, statistical modeling techniques.
  • Other Topics include: epistemology, scholarly writing and publication, theory development. (Revised 6/19)