RMD Elections and Open Positions

Elected Positions Currently Open for Applications


Social Media Director

Term: Indefinite (as long as you want to serve)

Number of Positions: 1

Description: This position's primary duties are to 1) maintain a social media presence for RMD events; 2) advertise RMD events and announce RMD awards via social media, including reminders and recognition of RMD members; and 3) work with the RM Webmaster when needed in terms of updating social media feeds, etc.

Nominations should include an updated curriculum vitae and a brief description (i.e., <1 page) of the nominee's relevant experience and skills. The RMD Executive Committee will appoint a Director from the nominations we receive. As an appointed position, there is no set term length and previous appointments have tended to vary in length from one to several years, depending upon the needs of the Division and the Director.

Please send your nomination materials to Kris Byron (kbyron@gsu.edu), Past Chair of RMD. Review of the nominations will continue until the position is filled.